The Sworn Enemy of the Fallen Tree

Most of our clients know that the big winds on the west-side combined with the older trees here in Arvada are a recipe for destruction when it comes to your roof.

Not only do you have to worry about the winds shredding your shingles but you also have worry about tree debris.

Whether it’s a big branch that falls or an entire tree, one of your home’s biggest enemies is the wind and trees.

Sworn Enemy Roofing helps our Arvada neighbors and clients deal with the aftermath of tree damage, so when a large, old tree threatened our office, it was time for us to take action.

Here’s the thing, there are a ton of tree care companies in Arvada and the metro Denver area. So when we were deciding which company to use, we knew we wanted to stay local and give our business to an established small business.

Arvada Tree Care was the perfect answer for our tree problem.



Arvada Tree Care has been in business in Arvada for over 45 years now, and have been providing our friends and neighbors with quality tree and landscape care.

When we knew that we had to remove the large tree on our property, they responded quickly and provided us with a quote to remove the tree that was more than reasonable.

Their tree experts removed the enemy tree, and took the time to clean up our landscape so it was nearly impossible to tell that they had been there.

One of the other things that impressed me the most was their attention to safety. Taking down a large tree can be a scary task that has some inherent risk of danger. Arvada Tree Care’s staff made sure that the area they were working in was clearly designated, and their staff used an array of safety equipment to keep them from falling or dropping limbs unintentionally. I was highly impressed with their attention to safety details.

Would I recommend Arvada Tree Care to our clients? You bet. They were awesome to work with and did a great job. If you need a tree removed or just trimmed up a bit, think local and give Arvada Tree Care a shot.